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Heal the mother, heal the family- for 7 generations

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About naari woman

Reclaiming the ancient wisdoms of herbalism, yoga, Ayurveda, and calling upon traditional women's rituals found throughout the world, Naari Woman helps restore the connection many of us have lost to our own roots, and to the rich culture of being female. By bridging the ancient with the modern, Naari Woman helps infuse a sense of sacredness and personal empowerment into your everyday life.

Naari is a Sanskrit, and Hindi word, which means ‘woman’. This word paired with the English word 'woman' is our way of reminding you that while you may have one foot in the modern world, ancient traditions for feminine healing, wellbeing, and empowerment are within you. Universal, and inclusive, these ancient truths have been gathered from across the globe, yet all share a similar message, which is to utilize the wisdom of nature to nurture, and nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Naari Woman will guide you as you reconnect to, and restore your own cultural lineage, while exploring the wisdom of traditions far and wide.

In particular, during the first 40 days postpartum, there is a rich, cross-cultural history that many modern women are not aware of. This missing information and care contributes to the overwhelm of the new mother; feelings of isolation, and possibly a lack of confidence in her ability to care for herself and her child. Postpartum anxiety, and depression are at near epidemic level in the modern world. Women were not meant to do it all alone, and certainly not with the added pressure to ‘bounce back’ as soon as possible.  Rather then resuming life as usual, we need to acknowledge the woman has gone through a total transformation. There is no bouncing back, there is only stepping further into her power. She may never feel like her ‘old self’ again, she is reborn as a mother.


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