about eileen


It takes a village. Eileen created Naari Woman to make accessible to all women the ancient wisdoms surrounding womanhood forgotten by many in the modern world. To teach women to do for themselves and their sisters, what would have been offered in the red tent by their village just a few generations ago- what was once given and received freely from woman to woman, passed generation to generation.

Eileen’s greatest joy comes from being a mother. She credits her Ayurvedic and yogic background; especially the teachings regarding the sacred 40 day postpartum period, with her blissful transition from maiden to mother of three.

The information and practices provided by Naari Woman are thousands of years old, and still practiced today in their native lands. They are what our ancestors did instinctually and knew intuitively. Since truth is not discovered but remembered, Naari Woman’s mission is remind women that they are the experts on their bodies and their babies, to trust their instincts and intuition. And, to reconnect women with the wisdom of nature- all the while infusing the day to day with the sacredness, and beauty this powerful time of life so richly deserves.

It is said when a woman heals herself, so she heals the next seven generations of her lineage to come, as well as the seven generations prior. Women today are a product of the patriarchy, but this wasn’t always the case, and it will not be for much longer. We are now in what is called 'The Age of Aquarius'; a time when women are feeling their power, speaking their truths, listening their bodies, trusting their ability to birth, connecting to the Great Mother, and uplifting each other. Naari Woman is here to support you on your mothering journey through this Aquarian Age, and to help you support fellow mothers, sisters, and daughters on theirs.

Sat nam.


Education & Experience

Graduate of California College of Ayurveda

Interned for 2 years at The Center for Ayurveda

CAMTC Licensed Massage Therapist with a specialty in abhyanga, svedana, and shirodhara

KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training through Golden Sol

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Golden Bridge

200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher through Sonic Yoga

Aquarian Family Yoga Teacher Training through RaMa Institute

Licensed Hypnotherapist and graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Reiki 1 with Tanya Nord, Reiki 2 with Yogi Tree

CAPPA Birth Doula Training with Rena Koerner

Placenta Encapsulation Training with Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation

Mini Yogi’s Yoga for Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training

Journey of Young Women’s Circle Mentor Training

Mamayurveda Ayurveda for Women’s Health Training

Chestnut School of Herbalism Herbal Medicine Making Course

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine Herbal Immersion Program 

School of Evolutionary Herbalism Alchemical Herbalism Training

School of Evolutionary Herbalism’s Vital Herbalist Practitioner Program with Sajah Popham